Are you concerned about possible negative side effects or the dangers of using
synthetic or chemically produced products on or around your pets?

Would you like a more natural solution to toxic chemicals?

Are you looking for a less stressful and more natural remedy for your pet?

Would you like to help increase the overall quality of life for your animal?

Healthy Oils for All offers natural solutions
to help improve your pet’s health, behavior, and wellbeing!

Essential oils are a safe and effective natural alternative for your animal
AND empowers you to save money in the process!

I am happy to coordinate with your veterinarian to help you with your furry friend.

Research suggests that essential oils have a positive effect on many health conditions in people.

Like humans, pets can also benefit physically and emotionally from aromatherapy.

Animal Aromatherapy is similar but different to aromatherapy for humans.

With animals there are safety cautions, uses and actions based on

the individual animal’s breed, size, age, health history, allergies, etc.

This is all taken into consideration before any protocol is recommended.

Janet Roark DVM

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I received my Animal Aromatherapy Certification

from Dr. Janet Roark, DVM.

She is known by thousands as the Essential Oil Vet.

As one of her Certified Animal Aromatherapist graduates,

I am afforded the benefit to consult with her

on cases that require her expertise.

Holistic Health Solutions

Certified Animal Aromatherapist

Level 2

Zoopharmacognosy is the process of animal self-selecting.

Self-selection is allowing an animal to choose

what they might need for what is troubling them.

Whenever possible, I use self-selection when introducing essential oils,

So I can see the animal’s response to a certain aroma.

Many oils have similar therapeutic properties.

If the animal prefers one scent over another, I will use that.

Self-medication is about working naturally with

animals-in harmony with nature.
Caroline Ingraham

Holistic Health Solutions

I made a custom blend for Oni’s “mommy” who had a wound that wasn’t healing. 

To her surprise she found Oni also enjoyed it and would gravitate towards it whenever she left it out.  

This is one reason I caution folks to not leave their essential oils just lying around. Cats in particular are inquisitive and will get into them!

Click below to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss how

aromatherapy can benefit your animal.

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